4KQ interview – Greenery Colour of the Year

Principal Designer John Croft was recently interviewed on 4KQ about Greenery colour of the year. Click on the ‘play’ button below to listen to the interview.


Interview transcript:

Mark: Well, believe it or not, there is a colour of the year. This has been going on for quite a number of years, as a matter of fact. The Pantone colour of the year. Get to the edge of your seat. To tell you what the colour of the year is this year, John Croft from John Croft Design! Good morning!

John Croft: Good morning!

Laurel: John, seriously. Why do we need a colour of the year? Do we need to be told what to paint everything?

John Croft: Because it’s fashion. There’s always something new happening, and Pantone is a company that is global and it’s a standard. So whether you’re manufacturing something in India, or China, or Britain or wherever, if you said “And Greenery is the new colour,” it is exactly the same no matter what country. That’s why Pantone was actually developed. They also then watch the fashion trends and then this year, they have selected green as the colour for 2017.

Mark: So not just green but Greenery. What type of green is that and why is it colour of the year?

John Croft: Everyone’s really tired of beige and brown and chocolate brown and black. And you can actually see that. If you look at the very high fashion houses, the colours of handbags and clothing and accessories coming out of them is extremely bright colours. And that is a reaction from years and years and years of neutrality. They just want something brighter and happy. The green itself, that Greenery, is a very fresh, cool colour. It is just the most beautiful green and it looks fabulous with whites and creams and … in fact,… That colour works really well with blues and aquas and purples and hot pinks and all sorts of colours. It’s very, very clean.

Mark: I’m surprised you said that this goes really well with blue. Because I was always told blue and Greenery should never be seen-ery unless there’s something inbetween-ery.

John Croft: Well, you know, I don’t know. But you can do anything you like. The main thing is that the tones are correct. You can almost put any colour together if you keep the same tonal value. You know? So you haven’t got an extremely bright, bright blue with a dull, dark green.

Laurel: So you’re basically saying that we need more vibrant colours and things? Are we through with the Martha Stewart duck-egg blue and sea foam green?

John Croft: Oh God! I hope so!

Laurel: Are they gone? Oh, I’ve just painted!

John Croft: Well, that’s a good base Laurel.

Laurel: Now what about, John, what about your lovely kitchen done in burnt orange and mission brown? Is that a thing of the past?

John Croft: Well, no. It’s coming back! We’re going back into houses that were built in the 60s, 70s. That heavy sort of dark brown timber. Do you remember the black beam walls and the black beam?

Laurel: Oh yes.

John Croft: Cabinetry and what have you? The bright orange little mosaic tiles and what have you? Well, that’s not here yet, but it’s not far off.

Laurel: Well, John, I live in an 80 year old Queenslander that has all of that black beam work. I was just about to paint over it…

John Croft: Yes.

Laurel: I won’t be doing that now!

John Croft: I know well … Well, you might because it’s always different. It’s fashion, you know? It’s sort of … You know you’ve seen many years ago the girls had really big, thick belts. Now they’re sort of the thicker belts are coming back and what have you. But if you look at them, they’re different. They’re not the same. There’s always something … You can’t drag out that old thick belt or… thin belt, whatever it is and put it on.

Mark: I don’t have to worry about the size of the belt. With the way I’m built, you can’t see it anyway.

John Croft: So it gets chucked under, does it?

Laurel: Just create sections. Oh, John Croft from John Croft Design. Thank you so much for telling us all about the colour of the year, Greenery.

John Croft: Terrific. Thanks very much!


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