Colour boards for 2016

With the New Year in full swing, many have plans to renovate or build in 2016. One of the most important considerations during this process is the colours you use. Whether it’s to refresh one room or the whole home, colour boards can help inspire and collate a theme for your space. To help, we have brought together some colours we see trending into mood boards that you can print and place in each room to see how it fits.




Blush pinks, celadon greens and pale yellows are all coming back with the revival of retro style furniture. These soft colours are a modern and fresh approach to the traditional bright and brash stoplight colours that are typically associated with retro designs. Use this in the living room or bedroom to add a soft pop of colour that offer balance but also interest.




Cool tones


Charcoal is a popular colour making a comeback this year. Dark and sophisticated, this colour is great because it works in both modern and classic interiors. It gives a dark luxe feeling to any room and is a great practical colour for upholstered items




Acid hues


Colours like acid yellow are unusual contenders that we see many people turning to. A great trend for those who want some intensity but also something that is not too masculine or too feminine. Pair it with cool, earthy tones to soften it or contrast with pastels and make it a feature colour in the room.


Colour can be a powerful thing in the home. Pairing it wisely will help you create a space you can enjoy for a lifetime – as well as adding to its value. For more help, or if you are looking to get started on an interior design project, give us a call, we’d love to chat!

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