Custom Rugs For Your Home

Offering utility, comfort and style, a rug can serve a multitude of purposes. From defining a space or enhancing the existing design aesthetic, to providing warmth underfoot or adding a nonslip surface to an entryway, rugs skilfully tread the tight rope between function and fashion.

The Purpose of Rugs

Lounge Room Rugs

Adding practical and aesthetic value to a space, a rug’s purpose is wholly dependent on the use of the space and is predominantly two-fold. Primarily rugs serve to anchor the furnishings that fill a space and denote the parameters of the space itself, creating differentiation between the dining and living areas for example. Additionally, a rug can also enhance the decor of a room, adding visual intrigue, unifying the colour scheme and perhaps warming or softening hard surfaces such as hardwood or tiled flooring. Furthermore, rugs have the ability to absorb sound, providing the benefit of noise reduction within rooms that have hard flooring. Ranging in size, shape, colour, pattern, theme and style, rugs are multipurpose pieces that can add value to any and every room of the home.

Custom Rugs by John Croft Design

At John Croft Design, a large portion of projects we complete have a custom-made rug incorporated into the interior design scheme. Designed by John Croft and the design team, all elements of each and every rug are artfully selected to create customised pieces that are truly unique and give the home a point of difference. With thousands of colours, pile heights and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless when commissioning a custom-made rug. The rugs that our team have designed range in size and are made using either New Zealand wool, art silk or a combination of both materials.

Aligned with the vibrant design aesthetic that has become synonymous with the business, our customised rugs are always bursting with colour and pattern that both anchor and supplement the hues that permeate the chosen design scheme. From re-imagined childhood artwork to pieces with cultural significance, the custom-made rugs that John Croft Design constructs are works of art in their own right.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

Custom Rugs

When choosing or designing a rug, ensure that your lifestyle remains front of mind. Consider the piece in the context of the particular room that the rug is intended for. Ask yourself, do I want the rug to be a feature or centre piece of the room, or simply add a textural element or a much-needed finishing touch? Take into consideration your style, the rug’s placement and it’s practicality in terms of maintenance. Keep in mind that whilst high-pile rugs are a luxurious addition to living spaces, spaces that endure frequent foot traffic call for a low-pile or flat-weave rug that minimises the look of wear and tear and are more practical in terms of upkeep.

Whilst the visual appeal is deemed just as important as how it feels underfoot, practicality and proportion are the defining principles of a rug. Finding the perfect rug is no easy feat! So, if you are struggling to find a suitable rug for your space, then perhaps a custom-made rug is just the answer.

Lounge Room Rugs
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