Decorating Your Home With Glass Accessories

What springs to mind when you think of glass in the home? Perhaps windows, doors or vases? Well have you ever considered incorporating glass accessories into your interior design scheme? From your traditional vase, to candleholders, sculptures and bowls, glass accessories can come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Elegant, timeless and versatile in their application, there are very few limits to how glass accessories can be used to decorate your home.

Types of Glass Accessories

glass accessories living room

From the traditional to the contemporary, the beauty and fragility of glass makes it both a subtle yet stand out decorative material that can add a touch of glamour to any room. Traditional glass making techniques that date back to the 16th Century, have shaped the way glass accessories are crafted today. Stained, crackle, fused, studio and hand-blown glass are just a few of the types of glass that form day-to-day homewares and unique artistic pieces that fill our homes.

Everyday glass items such as vases, jars, bottles, bowls and candle holders, along with sculptures and figurines, can all be used to create eye catching centerpieces or decorative features when partnered with complementary items on shelves for example. Showing off their versatility, glass accessories can be applied to any interior design scheme with ease, marrying well with all styles and colour schemes.

Placement of Glass Accessories

glass accessories vignetteWhen deciding on the placement of your glass accessories, the key is to employ the technique of grouping similar pieces together to create a collection, in order to strengthen the more diminutive and fine glass pieces that would otherwise go unnoticed. Fill shelving with a collection of glass accessories, in a similar fashion to the Murano glass accessories that we installed in an entertainment and shelving unit for a client, or place them on a glass tray or platter to create a beautiful decorative feature. Glass accessories truly come to life when positioned near a source of natural light, emphasising their beauty and exposing the various colours and textures that form the piece. So be sure to place your glass accessories where natural light is in abundance for a stunning visual impact.

Glass accessories make for truly elegant and versatile pieces in which to decorate your home with. From a simple floral arrangement in a vase to a glass vignette table centerpiece, there is no limit to what you can do with glass accessories.

glass accessories shelving
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