Montville B&B – Montville


This 30 year old home, nestled in the idyllic town of Montville, with spectacular 180 degree views of the Queensland coast, had been converted into a bed and breakfast for visitors seeking a rural escape. Tasked with creating a home away from home for it’s visitors and a humble abode for the owners and their family, John Croft Design envisaged a Hamptons-inspired design scheme with a warm sensibility.


The homeowners shared a desire for the colours to harmonise throughout, without matching, to allow the personality of each room to shine through. The furnishings and accessories were to be an amalgamation of eclectic contemporary styling combined with more traditional pieces, all sourced and supplied by John Croft Design. To complement the unique design scheme, bedheads and rugs were also custom-made for the home.

Wooden finishes and splashes of autumnal hues that punctuate the neutral foundations create a rustic, earthy and cosy home. The interior of the home reflects the warm and embracing nature of it’s owners through the application of red, brown and orange tones and soft textures throughout. By avoiding treading into commercial territory, John Croft Design sourced hard-wearing yet luxurious fabrications and accented them with an array of cushions and custom-made rugs, to create the ultimate spaces to relax in comfort.

With classic and modern touches, the home boasts a cosy ambience and rich elegance. Adding depth to the crisp white palette of the Hamptons-inspired home, regal patterns such as bold stripes and delicate jacquards were fused together in the main living spaces, whilst the small nooks nestled in the corners of the home feature ornate furnishings and inviting lounge chairs.


With the help of John Croft Design, this charming and beautiful home has been transformed into a warm and comfortable oasis for both the visitors and owners to enjoy.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes, Volume 23, No 96, Autumn 2008

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