Bayside Home – Ormiston

In what has been a labour of love for designer John Croft, and its owner’s Dave and Jennifer, as well as their three teenage children, this sumptuous architect designed home in Ormiston is finally finished after seven years. The completed home is the veritable smorgasbord of colour and vibrancy that we have come to expect from the expertise of John Croft, whose attention to detail is second to none.

Specifying all of the buildings finishes, including designing the cabinetry, balustrades, tile and flooring, electrical and lighting layouts, as well as designing and supplying custom made furniture, furnishings and accessories; gave John the opportunity to unleash his creative genius. The advantage of having a single minded vision is evident in the finished product which beautifully ties together the organic elements of marble, timber and stainless steel throughout.

Sitting high above the bay, the floor to ceiling glass of the living areas provides more than enough natural light, with expansive views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. Colourful furnishings and feature walls of purple, blue, pink and green echo this natural colour palette, complementing the warm hues of the timber and tile flooring. This home is a brilliant masterpiece of colour, light and vibrancy.

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See this article as published in Queensland Homes Gold, Issue 12, 2009

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