Beach Interior Design

Our beach interior design projects

Australians are big beach lovers. We live on the country’s shores and spend much of our summer on the golden sands. For those with homes just a walk from the beach or a holiday house in a seaside location, making the most of this, both inside and out, can help forge a space you are excited to spend time in. At John Croft Design, we understand the need for a beautiful house to match a beautiful location and have helped many homeowners do just this.

The John Croft Design team love the beach as much as any Aussie and we relish the opportunity to inject some magic into your beachside house or holiday home. We believe the home is a sanctuary, a place to express yourself and show off your personality. By combining this with the beauty of the sea, from the deep ocean blues and sea foam greens to the golden sands and shining sun, our team has helped many create the home of their dreams and look forward to helping you!

Tips for the perfect beach abode

We love turning beach homes into fantastic getaways that are like a holiday every day and are proud to have a repertoire of tricks and tips to help create the perfect beach interior design for our clients’ homes. Some of the tools we use to help bring the outdoors in and amplify the beach theme are colours, like blue, green and yellow, textures, like sand, shells and straw and light, to help illuminate a space and give it that breezy airy feel. We also understand that living beachside can be tough on a home and try to incorporate hardwearing fabrics and materials to ensure it can stand up to the elements. Beach homes are all about relaxing and we work to include this idea in our designs, complementing both the owner’s tastes and the beautiful scenery at their doorstep. At John Croft Design, we factor in every possibility, thinking about aesthetic and practicality alike.

Our work

Looking to transform your beachside home or just interested in a little inspiration? Above are the various beach interior design projects we have worked on over the years. Click through for more information and stunning photos from some of our favourite ocean grazing homes.

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