Beachside Getaway – Tugun

This skilfully decorated beachside holiday home continues the relationship between the clients and John Croft Design senior interior designer Renee Burgess, who also decorated their other homes. Apart from providing inspiring images of interiors from their travels, the clients requested only that the space be comfortable and relaxing. They gave Renee free license to weave her design magic upon what was previously a somewhat bare and characterless seaside apartment.

The unusual shape of the open-plan living area inspired Renee to think outside of the box, incorporating clever design elements into a customised design to suit the space. An important focal point for the living space would of course be the stunning views of the ocean, which inspired Renee to choose a variety of gorgeous fabrics for the furnishings, incorporating aqua hues throughout. The addition of modular seating allows for swivelling either towards the ocean views, or to focus back into the room for socialising. A variety of colourful furnishings inspired by Designer’s Guild newest fabrics creates a symphony of colour complementing the ocean hues exquisitely in this gorgeous home away from home. The owner’s desire for a space that would provide comfort and ease was superbly executed by John Croft Design in this seaside escape.

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See this article as published in Luxury Home Design, Volume 10, No 4, 2004

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