City Living – Brisbane


This is city living at it’s absolute best. The homeowners, a professional couple, purchased the expansive three bedroom apartment with it’s own private foyer, two bathrooms, and two living and dining areas on the fifteenth floor, and as a result, were exposed to a whole new level of luxury. The couple sought the professional guidance of John Croft Design in the interior design and decoration of their new home. With busy lives in the corporate arena and a whole new perspective of the picturesque views located right on their doorstep, the homeowners wanted to create a space that was artfully designed and boasted a sense of leisure and luxury.


The couple envisaged an eclectic, livable space showcasing their treasured finds sourced during their travels. John Croft Design was engaged to source new furniture, soft furnishings, window treatments and accessories, whilst also working with a few existing pieces that the couple wanted to keep and rework into the contemporary interior design scheme. The design team gathered inspiration from the colours of Aboriginal art that the couple were yet to hang, a folding screen imprinted with African imagery and a small rug, all of which were incorporated into the reimagined spaces. Reflecting the home’s warm and welcoming feel, a custom-made hall runner that guides visitors from the lift into the heart of the apartment hints at what lies ahead.


With clashing prints, cultural references and intricate artwork, the luxurious and eccentric apartment is now a colourful sanctuary for the couple to escape the hustle and bustle of the city that awaits below.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes, Vol 28, No 119, Summer 2013/14

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