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A home that takes the city to the beach

When decorating their new Brisbane home, the owners knew something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t so much the pieces of furniture themselves but the general look. They contacted John Croft Design to give its expert advice. Senior Interior Designer Craig Rogerson of John Croft Design was able to identify the problems and give the home a whole new lease on life. Needless to say, the clients were very happy and quickly secured Craig to do the interiors of their new beach apartment on the Gold Coast.

The apartment was literally empty when Craig was given the keys, and with the trust he had developed with the clients already, they knew they could let him work his magic.

The apartment itself is a two-bedroom abode with living, dining and kitchen areas plus a study. It also features a wonderful balcony that overlooks the beach.

Although this beach location could easily lend itself to a very tropical design, Craig wanted to incorporate a more sophisticated feel that could just as easily fit into a city apartment.

As the walls, tiling and stone flooring already in the apartment were neutral, he used this as his base to create a very simple and easy living space, with highlights given in accessories and artwork.

Craig chose darker timber furniture as opposed to the blonds usually chosen for this location. He also selected uncomplicated fabrics that are soft and natural.

Detail was of great importance and each piece of furniture has very subtle elements that make them that little bit more interesting and reduce the need for other embellishment. It was Craig’s plan that each piece would speak for itself and we see contrasting fabric inlaid into the wenge wood coffee table, as well as ripples through the timber in the side tables and woven timber used for the television unit.

“When you go on holiday you don’t want to be surrounded by lots of clutter, so I wanted to make sure there was minimal furniture. I had to make each piece count,” explains Craig.

Of course, if there’s one thing John Croft Design is renowned for it is its skilful use of colour, and this was added through art and feature pieces of furniture such as the chaise lounge in the study and the gorgeous fabrics in the cushions. In the master bedroom soft sage greens have been used to punctuate the natural tones in the bedding to striking effect. A stunning lime-green upholstery is revealed when you pull out the dining chairs and fun accessories also bring out that signature John Croft look.

Throughout the entire process Craig had 100 per cent support from his clients. “It was really a bonding experience,” he says. “We had a lot of fun with it and they really trusted my vision for the space.” It was this trust that lead to a thrilling result, with the clients only seeing the apartment when it was completely finished. “It’s sometimes challenging to get across ideas and a colour story when you only have a small sample of fabric or single piece of furniture. Design is really the sum of its parts and with this project, I could introduce the clients to the whole look at once. It was definitely a case of the clients not being completely sure what they wanted but when they saw it, they knew it was exactly what they had hoped for,” Craig reveals.

With another project lined up from the same clients, it’s clear to see that once again, John Croft Design has created an incredible space. This apartment transcends the beach house archetype and effortlessly combines a dash of city glamour.

Although this beach location could easily lend itself to a very tropical design, Craig wanted to incorporate a more sophisticated feel.

Photo captions

The choice of darker timbers throughout adds sophistication to this beachside home.

Neutral walls balance the vibrancy of the linear-patterned lounge chair and outstanding artwork.

The bedroom was highlighted with shades of green in artwork and the luxurious bedhead.

Above left:
Unusual circular patterned cushions stands out against the beige sofa and wenge wood coffee table.

Above right:
Dark wicker chairs are a pleasant change from usual blonde shades utilised in seaside abodes.

Middle right:
A simple décor graces the master bedroom which takes pleasure in beachside views.

Bottom right:
Splashes of colour were added skilfully throughout the apartment, such as this chic crimson chair.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes, Volume 23, No 99, Spring 2008

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