Coastal Retreat – NSW

Seaside Sanctuary

Hearing the waves roll in, this beachside home in Kingscliff
is a relaxing tonic for its busy owners and guests.

This large five bedroom, four bathroom home was bought by the owners to be used as a holiday home and rental property. With this in mind, it was imperative the interiors were not only practical, but also to make guests feel as if they were on holiday as soon as they walked through the door.

Over seven years ago, the owners were originally referred to John Croft Design by friends (who are clients of the Brisbane interior design firm) to supply furniture and accessories for their Brisbane home. They were so delighted with the results that they again enlisted the help of Senior Interior Designer Renee Burgess on this project.

After purchasing this New South Wales house with its dark and heavy formal furnishings throughout which were at odds with the house’s contemporary style, the owners rang Renee to rejuvenate, refurbish and turn this house into a bright and stylish home.

“The first thing to go was the heavy velvet drapes and pelmets and insert shutters,” says Renee. Shutters are a modern style of window treatment that provides privacy without interrupting the flow of natural light. Sheer curtains were also installed for this very reason as well as for their lightweight aesthetics, allowing the ocean breeze and its wonderful salty smell to fill the home.

The ocean heavily influenced the home’s interior finishes, from the grain washed timbers to the colour palette of the furnishings. “Greens and blues with hints of red and orange were used to revive the space” continues Renee. The main living and dining area on the ground floor is indicative of the home’s overall feel – spacious and fresh, airy and light. The interior is relaxed, yet detailed with colour and texture
adding warmth and character. A versatile design and durable materials such as linen lounges and a gas fireplace mean this home is comfortable all year round.

The colour scheme continues into the bedrooms and while all are decorated so they flow and harmonize, each has their own stamp of individuality. The bedrooms that had existing wall fixed upholstered bed heads were integrated into the interior scheme by using bright colours and stylish furnishings such as bed linen, table lamps and rugs to revitalise each of the rooms giving them a contemporary feel. A soothing palette was used in the master bedroom filling it with lighter hues and a round mirror hanging on the wall reflects the outside ocean views. Renee has kept the bedroom designs practical and spacious enough to allow for a fresh and light atmosphere without compromising on style.

The owners absolutely love the transformation from this once dark and dreary home to the rejuvenation which is now filled with colour, light and that wonderful ocean sea breeze.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes, Volume 29, No 123, Summer 2014/15

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