Contemporary Opulence – Newstead


Perched along the riverside in Newstead, the owners of this brand new modern apartment wanted to create a home that required little maintenance, giving them the freedom to travel at their leisure. Starting with a clean slate, the homeowners envisaged a style influenced by Japanese culture and loosely based around the traditional obi that they had sourced during their travels. Aligned with this, they sought to create a home that was bursting with lashings of colour, unique elements and comfortable furnishings. Keeping their grandchildren in mind, the couple required the furnishings to be hard-wearing and easy to maintain.


Working collaboratively with the couple, the John Croft Design team constructed a tailor-made design scheme that was contemporary with an oriental twist, using the obi as the focal point of the apartment. Anchored by wooden furniture, the obi’s influence could be felt in every corner of the home. From the runner on the dining table to the furnishings and accessories, the cultural influences are very prevalent. Emphasising the clean structure of the home with clashing prints, oriental influences and rich, charcoal furnishings, the design team harmonised each room to achieve an effortless fluidity.

Luxurious yet functional, the textures utilised ranged from faux ostrich leather on the custom-made bar stools to silk wallpaper. Mixing vivid pinks, blues and turquoise, John Croft Design created a fresh and playful space to dramatic effect. In contrast to the living and dining areas, the bedrooms were transformed into little sanctuaries using softer hues, tactile finishes and comfortable furnishings.


The striking combination of patterns, textures and colours has created a welcoming home with vibrancy and warmth in equal measure.

“[The homeowners] are incredibly happy with the result and now have the home that they want — a home with the feeling of warmth, where their grandchildren feel welcome and they can create wonderful memories,” says John Croft designer, Renee, of the modern home.

See this article as published in Luxury Home Design, Vol 15, No 4, 2012

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