Family Living – Yeronga


The homeowners of this stylish Queensland home enlisted the help of John Croft Design to refurbish and reinvigorate their 10 year old dwelling. The home had served it’s purpose for raising two young infants, but now that they are nine and thirteen years old respectively, the family’s needs, lifestyle and style have shifted. The young family wanted to uplift the tired riverside home by defining the distinction between spaces and filling it with contemporary furnishings.


Integral to the home was creating living areas that served the needs of each family member, with new furniture, rugs and furnishings introduced to create relaxing, comfortable and functional yet visually appealing spaces. Appealing to the active family and their growing children, stylish, considered detailing, neutral hues and natural accents were intertwined to create these beautiful spaces. The outdoor lifestyle is reflected throughout the interior, with an environmental footprint punctuating the home through flora-inspired furnishings and rugs. Further extending upon this, the surrounding greenery is welcomed into the home with expansive open doors and outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining.

Undeniably the most important room, the family living area was very carefully considered. An earthy palette of browns and taupes formed the foundation of the contemporary interior design scheme, whilst aqua, green, purple and olive hues added a layer of vibrancy and personality. Providing optimal space for the family to enjoy their downtime together, the living area and surrounding spaces boast natural accents, eye-catching colours, practical storage solutions and comfortable furnishings.


The busy family now has a beautiful and functional space that suitably reflects their lifestyle and family dynamic in which to call home.

See this article as published in Home Design, Vol 16, No 3, 2013

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