Lake House – Westlake


Nestled along the lake in Brisbane’s west, boasting prime position for observing the glorious flora and fauna that surround it, this new home is inhabited by a young family who have engaged with John Croft Design on a previous occasion. The flood that wreacked havoc on waterfront homes in 2010, took its toll on the dwelling that used to stand in it’s place. With irreversible damage, the homeowners chose to clean the slate and start over, deciding against renovating.

John Croft Design was given a brief relatively void of restrictions, with the homeowners putting their faith in the vision that the design team had conjured up. Being a sizable and spacious family home, the John Croft Design team were posed with the challenge of exercising a degree of freedom and restraint. Given that the owners are very family orientated the home interior design scheme needed to be functional, whilst complementing the home’s architectural design and not get overshadowed by the sheer size of the home.


Dramatic, sophisticated and controlled, the home is bursting with bright colour, glossy finishes and luxurious textures, referencing the owners’ Indian heritage. Peacock wallpaper, a framed collage of Indian fabrics, and formal lounges flanked in Indian-themed upholstered fabric are just some of the cultural pieces that are sprinkled amongst the home. A mere treasure trove of rich, decadent colour, the home plays host to a palette of jewel tones such as amethyst, turquoise and emerald.


Every room is a sensory delight, finished with a rare quality of workmanship. From the generously designed kitchen, to the vibrant bedrooms and surprisingly sizable powder room, a fine tuned attention to detail lead to the creation of home that is glamourous and practical, with an ever-present sense of humour.

“Why do we need to go away on holiday? It probably wouldn’t be as lovely as this!” proud owner, Hari, has said of her new lakeside home.

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See this project as published in Queensland Homes, Vol 28, No 119, Summer 2013/14

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