Penthouse Apartment – Kangaroo Point


Having resided in their penthouse apartment for over ten years, the owners came to the realisation that their somewhat tired and cluttered interior didn’t do the home and it’s enviable views any justice. Engaging John Croft Design to join them on this extreme renovation journey, the couple’s interior design project took two years to complete. Working collaboratively with the homeowners, the John Croft Design team took on the challenge of creating a home that suitably reflected their personality, taste and lifestyle.


No ordinary makeover in nature, walls, terracotta tiles and timber decking were removed to make way for a sleek, open-plan design. With a clear vision for their interior design project, the couple provided quite a straightforward brief whereby they sought to create a neutral canvas using only one shade of cream across the flooring, walls, cabinetry and main structural framework of the home. They then envisaged this base to be invigorated with lashings of colour, smooth textures and a collection of considered artworks. A palette of bold hues including avocado, ruby, mandarin and sky-blue accentuate the home in combination with modern, soft leather furnishings, resulting in a fresh and spirited look.

Championing the abundance of natural light that consumes the apartment, glass plays a starring role in the interior design scheme. Affording spectacular views, glass was also delicately interspersed throughout in the form of art installations and large furnishings. From the swirling creations of a young Venetian glass artist that adorn the living area, to the tables that fill the entertaining and dining spaces and the jeweled glass chandelier from Italy suspended above, the beauty of the glass shines through in mesmerising fashion. The John Croft Design team also custom-designed a crystal chandelier, crafted with Austrian crystals, that presides over the formal dining table; a glamorous nod to opulence.

Ornate curtaining, luscious fabrics in majestic tones of gold and red and a feature wall of etched glass panels were used in the master bedroom to transform the space into a retreat of palatial proportions. The two guest rooms boast jewel tones and a masculine feel respectively, ensuring that warmth, elegance and comfort remain consistent throughout the home.


The John Croft Design team reimagined the original apartment and successfully created a spacious, modern home, perfect for entertaining and recharging.

Calling John Croft, “refreshing and passionate,” the couple describe their new home as, “better than they could have ever imagined.”

See this article as published in Queensland Homes Gold, Issue 11, 2008

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