River Elegance – New Farm


The residents of this riverside apartment have been long term clients of John Croft Design, commissioning the design team for a total of six projects; each collaboration being as equally successful as the last. Having downsized from their stylish suburban home to a New Farm apartment, the couple sought to free themselves of maintenance duties. With rich, grey stone floors and warm timber cabinetry, the apartment was the perfect foundation in which to build upon with layers of colour, textures and shapes.


Boasting generous proportions and fine finishes, the interior design scheme chosen to complement the existing framework was simplistic in nature with hints of decadence and injections of vibrant colour. All of the furniture and fabrications were chosen first, which were then used as a source of inspiration for the design of a customised rug. The colours utilised simultaneously warm the space and soften the hard textures, whilst the sheen of velour fabrics that punctuate the apartment add a touch of elegance.

Although luxurious in appearance, the apartment has been skillfully designed to accommodate relaxed living. Much like the river that the apartment flanks, there is a strong element of fluidity throughout the expansive space. Embracing the outdoors, the kitchen, living, dining and master bedroom all gravitate towards the balcony, with nature references throughout in the way of prints, colours and fresh foliage.

“I think the bedroom is my favourite place – pulling back the curtains in the morning to see what the day will bring is a real pleasure and there is always activity on the river and birdlife in the gum tree to check out,” says Margaret of the master bedroom.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes, Vol 28, No 117, Winter 2013

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