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John Croft Design received a commendation in the Interior Decoration category for their formal living and dining area project for their clients in Brisbane’s Redland Bay.

Originally a family estate, the site for this unique architect-designed home was chosen to provide a tranquil environment for its owners, a mature professional couple with a grown-up family.

The brief stipulated that the home’s interior be fun and exciting but elegant – a home in which to live and be comfortable for both family and entertaining.

The modern architecture of the home influenced the choice of furnishings and finishes and therefore the overall scheme. The clients requested a neutral palette and pared-back design that was comfortable and elegant with a dramatic edge, reflecting their personalities.

The finished project reflects the initial design concept as the area is elegantly classical, with a striking tailored interior.

This was achieved through the use of a neutral colour scheme and refined geometric-shaped furniture. Due to the locality of the home, dark chocolate brown carpet was used as a base, which served a practical solution to the trafficking of red soil. Broad horizontal stripes of mono-chromatic tonings add a level of drama. The angular walls and unusual formation of the interior meant it was necessary to five the room some order. This dictated the furniture layout, which created a sense of harmony and balance.

The ‘U’ shaped positioning of the sitting area defined a successful entertaining and conversational space. The scale of the room played an important role in the fabrics and furniture selected. Generous sofa, tables and a large rug provide proportion to the room. The clean sophisticated lines incorporated in the design of the custom-made furniture reflect the interior’s architectural form.

Heavily textured and patterned fabrics with metallic elements and a custom-made hand-carved wool rug contribute to the tactile nature of the room. Heavy bumph-lined silk curtains, which are very full, softened the room and provide a feeling of luxury. The unique 3D art and sculptural pieces complement the geometric components to the interior and complete the desired look.

The judges commented that the designer has created a successful composition of formal living that was both stylish and elegant.

See this article as published in Luxury Home Design, Volume 6, No 1, 2003

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