Elegant Living – Hamilton

A European family’s request of the John Croft Design team was “to be surrounded by beauty, happiness and lots of love” and the talented designers were equipped to deliver. Guests walk through a whimsical fairytale stained glass doorway to be greeted by vibrant sunshiny yellow walls, palatial polished marble floors, and Louis XV and XVI inspired gilt furniture throughout.   A dome painted in the colour of an enchanted purple night sky with twinkling stars magically whisking you away from the real world and welcoming you into this happy wonderland escape the clients call Home. The fun rich hues and fanciful accents throughout serve to lighten the mood; never feeling stuffy. Richly hued Versace inspired rugs, leopard print accents and…… comingle with classic crystal chandeliers, roman urns, royal gold brocade fabrics and tassel trims. Luxurious spa bathrooms reminiscent of royal roman bathhouses with Carrera marble provide the perfect getaway from daily cares. But arguably the most relaxing as well as picturesque space in the home is the patio where the dining table’s delightfully vibrant tile in a stylised floral pattern competes with the sweeping scenic views. The creative interior design serving as a stage where “beauty, happiness and love” is played out.

No matter your design requirements the talented designers at John Croft are ready to meet your needs. Call our offices to be placed with an experienced designer who will consider all your wishes to fashion a home that will most certainly delight you. We believe that walking through every entry way should feel like this one; like walking into the home of your dreams!

To read more about this elegant project please click the link to the pdf.

See this article as published in Luxury Home Design Volume 11, No 4, 2008

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