Formal Glory – Chandler


Projecting the grand tradition of regal living back into the contemporary design space, this Chandler home houses a family of six and various beloved pets. When enlisting John Croft Design to manage the interior design and decoration of their home, the homeowners’ needs were identified as twofold. First and foremost, the house was to be welcoming and practical for everyday family living. Secondly, the romantic vision that they had conjured up for their new home needed to be ever present, insisting on the construction of elegant and sizable entertaining areas immersed in luxury and sophistication.


Nestled on acreage, the design scheme is a traditional interpretation of the beautiful Georgian style of Atlanta. Classically inspired, the home is grand in scale and design, yet in all it’s grandeur, still maintains a feeling of warmth and embraces it’s visitors wholeheartedly. From the wide staircase that forms the heart of the home to the soaring ceilings and gracious furnishings and accessories, the home is a model of breathtaking proportions. Bronze finishes are sprinkled in and amongst marble and wooden textures that fill the home, with the crisp cream framework offset by earthy, autumnal tones.

Sizable sculptures occupy entry points and hallways and carefully considered artwork line the walls. Punctuated with magnificent floral arrangements, the formal spaces, informal living rooms and kitchen that are housed in the lower level of the home adjoin the secluded courtyard and large terrace, creating a seamless union between the home and it’s natural surroundings. From the interior to the exterior, luscious greenery envelopes the home, transporting it’s visitors to a European vista.


Fusing grand proportions with warm, regal colours and textures, the palatial home boasts an elegant decor which is equally beautiful and practical for comfortable, sophisticated and luxurious family living.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes Gold, Issue 6, 2003

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