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John Croft Design was commissioned by homeowner, Helen, to bring her 1911 cottage back to life. Having restored her previous home, Helen was confident that the John Croft Design team were just the interior designers to lead the renovation. Partnering with architect, Derek Tribilcock, John Croft Design took on the challenge of converting the rundown cottage into a beautiful livable home. Helen sought to reimagine the personality of the home and wanted to create a space that effortlessly fused sophistication and comfort to accommodate her family life, punctuated by an exotic blend of Asian and Australiana influences.


The old cottage had a few unique features that were deemed well worth preserving, so whilst these were kept intact, the home was reconfigured, with existing spaces remodelled and extra rooms added. Creating a home that was rich and robust in appearance, John and the team sourced exotic artefacts that embodied a cultural mix of Australiana and oriental flora and fauna.

In contrast to the more family-friendly rooms of the home, the formal areas were transformed into regal spaces that boasted a rich elegance. This was achieved through the use of royal blue, gold, red and emerald green hues and luxurious soft furnishings. Such decadence and grandeur became the undertone of the interior design scheme and thus remained ever present throughout the home.

Each room of the home is a visionary feast. Creating visual interest with layer upon layer of colour and texture, vibrant and regal colours were cemented by rich wooden furnishings. In order to define the various zones that existed for the adults and children alike, John strategically selected materials and colours to denote rather than enforce them.

Offsetting the rich and vibrant hues in the adjoining lounge and dining rooms, John adopted a more softer approach to the sunroom with a crisp lime paint chosen for the walls, creating an oasis for the family to retreat to. The light and airy room is considerably different to the other rooms of the home, and purposely so. Balancing out the strength of the regal tones, the sunroom was designed so as to create a seamless transition from one room to another, without diverging too dramatically from the chosen interior design scheme.


Marrying style, colour and texture with aplomb, Derek and the John Croft Design team transformed the traditional cottage into a modern home fit for relaxed family living in an elegant setting.

See this article as published in Queensland Homes Gold, Issue 1, 1998

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