Retro Style is Back

In the last few years interior designers have been getting their groove on by utilising retro designs and furniture throughout the house. The living room has become a popular place to feature retro styling with a modern twist and if you want to add some flair to your home, try some of these simple yet effective design techniques.

retro_style_1Pairing Retro with Minimalism

While traditional retro design overloaded the eye with vibrant colours and patters, modern interior designers are now using these visuals as bold statements, pairing them with sparse muted colours and minimalist lines to give a room a chic, tasteful edge. By adding retro pieces to your living space, you can create a fresh look that will liven up your home.

The best way to do this is to choose one or two elements, such as a lounge or curtain that has an energetic retro design. Colours such as turquoise, orange, purple, yellow and pink were very popular amongst retro interior designers and create strong visual statements. You can then make this feature stand out by using minimal colours and patterns in the rest of the room. Blacks, whites and other low-key colours such as beige or brown are perfect and will give your retro furnishings a modern look.




Retro Furnishingsretro_style_3

Another great way to bring the modern retro look into your home is to match the furniture to the architecture of your home. It’s worth doing some research into what modern styles match your home and then add a splash of retro furniture. If you have large windows or a sprawling view, retro furnishings is a great way to balance the look of the room with the view, plus if you can match the colours and designs with the colours of the view.




retro_style_4You can also mix up the way you include retro patterns when furnishing your room. Traditionally retro patterns were used on carpets, pillows or couches, but if you add them to other pieces such as a vase or lamp, your room will look edgy while retaining its modern appeal.

While you have countless options when choosing the look of your home, if you want to nail the modern/retro look remember to choose only a few vibrant colours or patterns to accent your room while keeping the rest of the furnishings and colours minimalist and muted. By doing this you’ll create a space that feels chic and modern, with a reminiscent, retro feel.

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