A splash of pink to bring a room to life

Want to freshen up your home without turning it upside with a complete interior redesign? Perhaps all it needs is a splash of pink to bring it to life.Unexpected pink elements are currently trendy both on and off the runway, with both fashion designers and interior designers having a ball with it. John Croft Design for one, have embraced the idea of adding unexpected pink elements to the home to create fun and sophisticated spaces.

Decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard is also dabbling in pink. He recently spruced up the London apartment of Jimmy Choo, founder of Tamara Mellon, by mixing a vintage desk with a 1960s chair upholstered in hot-pink leather and a pop art portrait of Grace Kelly by Andy Warhol. The result is an edgy, yet classy room, that has a perfect balance of bright colours.




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