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Bayside Home

Last week almost everyone from the JCD office was required to assist in a huge installation of a 3 story house that John, Lloyd and Nyria have been working on for the past 9 months. It was so great to see everything finally come to fruition after being involved in the project Continue reading 


Fabulous Custom-made Rug

Look at this absolutely stunning custom-made rug that we received today for a project that we will be installing in the coming weeks. 100% NZ Wool with Viscose detail, raised floral design and hair-line carving – DIVINE! Continue reading 


Mosaic pots

At JCD we are constantly looking for ways to create unique and exciting outdoor spaces. See the pictures below of some fabulous hand mosaiced pots that we designed and had manufactured for a client’s outdoor entertainment area. Continue reading 


Custom-made rugs

Look at this beautiful custom-made rug that John and Lloyd installed into a clients apartment earlier this week. The rug is situated right at the entry of this fantastic apartment on the Brisbane river. A combination of wool and viscose has been Continue reading 

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