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The Art of Assembling a Vignette

A vignette (vin-yet) can be many things, however in the interior design realm, vignettes are purposefully crafted arrangements of accessories throughout the home. In a similar fashion to it’s literary counterpart, a vignette in the home brings characters, or in this case objects, together and tells a unique and personal story.

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framed vignette

Add style & comfort with feature armchairs

Feature armchairs are diverse in their style and application, providing a room with more than just additional seating. From the bedroom to the living area, armchairs can fill a cosy reading nook, accentuate an existing seating area or create a whole new space that facilitates relaxation and conversation in comfort.

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feature armchairs

Custom Rugs For Your Home

Offering utility, comfort and style, a rug can serve a multitude of purposes. From defining a space or enhancing the existing design aesthetic, to providing warmth underfoot or adding a nonslip surface to an entryway, rugs skilfully tread the tight rope between function and fashion.

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Lounge Room Rugs

The Importance of Home Accessories

What would a room, or an entire home for that matter, be without accessories? Can you even imagine it? We certainly can’t! In our eyes, accessories are the lifeblood of a home. Much like the icing on a cake, although they are the last selections made in the interior design and decoration process, they are the finishing touches that make the home truly shine.

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home accessories
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