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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space

The great outdoors is ingrained in the Australian lifestyle. Whether it be a friendly cricket game, leisurely Sunday bbq or dinner party, some of the finest gatherings of family and friends take place in the great Australian backyard or verandah. Whether you own a humble balcony or backyard filled with luscious greenery, the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces has never been more prevalent.

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beachside outdoor space

Installation completed!

It’s a wrap! Here are the photos we promised of the completed project that Renee and Nyria tirelessly installed yesterday. This gorgeous house on the water will surely be enjoyed for years to come by this lucky family! Continue reading 


Mosaic pots

At JCD we are constantly looking for ways to create unique and exciting outdoor spaces. See the pictures below of some fabulous hand mosaiced pots that we designed and had manufactured for a client’s outdoor entertainment area. Continue reading 

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