The best ways to hang artworks in your home

Hanging artwork in your home is a great way to make a room more interesting, create a certain mood and have your favourite pieces on display. The process of hanging an artwork can be a very time consuming task so we have put together a few tips to help you decide where and how to hang your artwork.


Perhaps the first question to ask yourself when hanging an artwork is ‘does this artwork match the theme and mood I want to create in this room?’. If you have a particular mood or theme in a room, an artwork that doesn’t match can break your desired effect. So before you get hanging, make sure your artworks supports this effect.

Hanging artwork over a bed or lounge looks sophisticated and inviting. You should make sure your artwork is not wider than the object it is hung above because this creates an awkward appearance. In general, when hanging artwork above a lounge, leaving a gap of 15 cm between the top of the lounge and the bottom of the artwork is usually a good distance.

If you have small to medium sized artworks you could also consider hanging them above a small shelf with other ornaments positioned in relation to the artwork. Try to tie your arrangement together with a common theme like colour or pattern for example.

Another great place to hang artworks is in a hallway. If you have a dark hallway you could install track lighting to not only brighten the passage but to also illuminate the artworks. As a general rule of thumb, you should hang artworks at an approximate eye level in the hallway so that they can be viewed as people walk by.

Whether you are hanging artwork in the hallway, bedroom or lounge room, one of the big decisions is whether to hang the works symmetrically or asymmetrically. This really depends on the look and feel of your home as well as personal preference. Hanging a work asymmetrically requires a couple of tricks to make the arrangement work. Firstly, arranging in odd numbers and sizes usually makes it easier for you to successfully create an asymmetrical arrangement. You should put some thought into how you will hang the artworks and try a few different arrangements to find the one that you like best.

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