The great outdoors: how to harness Queensland’s best asset in your home

One of our favourite things about Queensland is the beautiful sunshine filled open spaces. We are so lucky to enjoy lush backyards and homes by the beach, yet so few take advantage of this when designing their home. The idea of bringing the outside in is not new, but it does take some careful planning. If you want to harness Queensland’s best asset in your home, we have some tips to get you started.

The Great Outdoors

Open spaces

Perhaps the most obvious – but also most effective – way to bring the outdoors in is with a spacious living plan that opens up to your outdoor area. Think bifold doors, large windows and flooring and décor that seamlessly transitions from inside the house to your deck or yard. The windows and doors will also mean your space is filled with natural light, which is so important for that fresh, cheerful atmosphere.

Open Spaces

Colours and textures

Bring in natural textures and colours to add to that outdoorsy look. If you live by the beach, embrace the aquamarine of the sea and bring in blue and crisp white, as well as sun-washed woods and bone ivory tiles to enhance the surroundings. Or, if you are located more inshore, harness the jewel tones of the grass and wild flowers, as well as the rich brown of tree bark. Adding furnishings and decorative pieces made from natural fibres and materials can also enhance this theme.

Colours and Textures


Another easy but effective way to bring the outside into the home is by doing just that! Get some plants that thrive indoors and make a point of regularly buying flowers or native plants that can be arranged in a vase in key points around the house. Nothing can compare to an actual piece of nature within your home.


Reflecting nature

Mirrors are a great way to open up a room and bring in natural light. This is also great for reflecting your outdoor space throughout the home and making the most out of your windows. Mirrors act like living art pieces, capturing whatever is reflected off them.

Reflecting Nature

Looking for more advice or want to create a house that brings the outdoors in? Take advantage of Queensland’s beautiful surrounds in your home with John Croft Designs.

The Great Outdoors
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