Vertical or Horizontal: Choose Your Stripes Wisely

Stripes are a great choice if you want show-stopping and modern interiors. They can turn a dull lounge room into a trendy space, a drab dining room into an inviting social area and an average bedroom into a classy salon. Depending on your choice of stripes; you can create a variety of moods and effects.

Suave and Classic


“The wider the stripe…the smarter the effect”

-Dorothy Draper

Pairing thick stripes with soft shades of colour makes a room look refined and sophisticated. Whether you use wallpaper or paint; the best way to get the classic look is to use stripes that are shade variations of the same colour. We also suggest coupling these walls with interior elements such as a simple geometric rug, art deco lamps and patterned cushions.

A Touch of Drama

If you are looking for a more dramatic room you can mix black stripes (thick or thin) with a patterned floor. At the moment black and white striped walls with a black and white checkered floor is a popular choice for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. The patterns look great with white sinks, tiles, mirrors, bench tops and skirting boards – and they certainly make a striking statement.

Salon Style

Salon style hangs, made famous by the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris between 1748 and 1890, have become a popular interior design choice. A ‘Salon style hang’ refers to hanging different sized pictures on the same wall, reasonably close together with varying frames. This can work really well with thick vertical striped walls in a light colour. The key is to balance the colours and frames well. To play it safe, monochrome artworks or pictures work well against light pink or creamy yellow striped wall.

Give your rooms the attention they deserve with suave, dramatic or arty stripes. What kind would you choose?

For more inspiration, browse of Elle Decor’s collection of striped rooms.


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